Thursday, December 12, 2019

Japan 2019 - 8 A Typical Excellent Lunch

Due to the typhoon, our schedule was frequently changed and one day we found ourselves in Odawara with no restaurant plan. Our tour company scrambled and sent us to a typical tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) place, where we ate very well indeed.

Here we are at this simple place, ordering and eating happily, whether

Our group at a typical tonkatsu restaurant
tonkatsu (pork cutlet) served classically with astonishing amounts of shredded cabbage that you somehow finish,

or okonomiyaki (omelet)

in an atmosphere of kitsch, with bread scuptures made by the owners of this family-run place.

Bread sculptures at tonkatsu place
These were so charming that I took this bread pig as a gift and kept if for the remainder of our trip.

My very own bread pig from the tonkatsu place
What a pleasure!

Bobby Jay

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