Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Japan 2019 - 5 Hiramatsu First Night

Our next day of travel ended at Hiramatsu, a luxury inn in Atami with q Michelin-starred restaurant run by one of Japan's star chefs. Despite nearly canceling our reservation due to serious water problems brought about by the typhoon, all was well and we received wonderful hospitality and food. We were lucky enough to spend two nights there.

The food is French but with significant fusion elements, beautifully presented.

I will set forth the entire menu (English spelling and capitalization as per the original), although I don't have photos for all the cousres, Our first dinner started with "Yuba Yoyale with Oscietra Caviar," a lovely mousse.

Yuba Royale with Caviar
Then followed "seared barracuda, raisin with chinese cabbage mascarpone cream, Sauce Excabeche" no photo), and "Oak charcoal grilled lobster, pain d'Epice ham, persimon, turnip with white balsamic vinegar cream."

Grilled lobster
Next up was the "Fish of the day" (no photo), followed by "Boiled Entrecote wagyu beef, Anchovy cream with caramelized radish," which I loved for the spectacular slice of cauliflower.

Boiled entrecote of wagyu beef
Since that was plainly not enough beef, the next course was "Roasted wagyu beef, Grilled shiitake mushroom with Yuzukosho Béarnaise sauce" (no photo).

And, finally, dessert: Chestnut Mont-Blanc, banana and passion fruit parfait with hazelnut nougatine,"

Chestnut mont-blanc
followed by excellent Mignardises (Sweets).

You may be getting the picture that eating here was exhausting. The food, technically brilliant, had at least one ingredient too many in nearly every dish.

I had originally planned to describe both dinners in one post, but it's just too much.

Bobby Jay

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