Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Japan 2019 - 6 Hiramatsu Second Night

After a day of sightseeing (the spectacular Enoura Observatory, the brainchild of Hiroshi Sugimoto) and an artist visit, with a lovely that I'll describe in a subsequent post, we returned to Hiramatsu for another French-Japanese fusion feast.

This time we started with "Pressed leeks with marinated tuna and Passion fruit, Avocado puree with wasabi aroma."

Marinated tuna atop pressed leeks
Next up was a simple presentation of "Sautéed abalone and bigfin reef squid, Boiled pig's trotter with Bitter melon sauce," admittedly a lot of elements that came together magnificently.

Abalone, squid, pig's foot
Following on we had "Steamed longtooth grouper, Fish soupe with Turnip leaf Rouille" (no photo), and "Grilled Amagi shamo chicken with lemon and thyme escargot butter sauce," a simpler sounding dish that did justice to the wonderful "shamo" chicken.

Grilled thigh and breast of "shamo" chicken
And, of course dessert, "Pineapple compote with Gâteau Caramel, Coconut milk Espuma, Passion fruit and white chocolate ice cream," which somehow fit on a single plate.

Pineapple compote with caramel cake, etc.
Don't forget the obligatory mignardises to slake any remaining hunger.

Whew! Two dinners and ten dishes with about a hundred components, prepared with precision and care and served beautifully. However . . .

Bobby Jay

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