Friday, November 25, 2011

Kyoto - Home Cooked Takoyaki

Our Kyoto friend Hitomi, an excellent chef, knows that I have a weak spot for takoyaki, grilled octobus balls. Often found cooked on the street or near temples, these little balls resemble grilled fritters (if that's not an oxymoron) stuffed with a little piece of octopus. They require a special implement but Hitomi says that takoyaki makers are very common in the Kyoto area, where the little balls are very popular. Here's Hitomi making takoyaki in her non-stick propane model.

Step 1 (adding octopus bits to the wet batter)

Steps 2 (adding scallions and bonito flakes) and 3 (adding more batter)

Steps 3 (waiting for batter to start solidifying) and 4 (turning soft batter for even cooking)

The finished takoyaki

I should note that Hitomi let me turn a few in the last couple of steps. Perhaps it's the experience of helping make them or of having them at a friend's home, but this takoyaki seemed a definite cut above what one finds cooked on the streets.

Bobby Jay

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