Sunday, November 20, 2011

Japan Ceramics Tour - Hagi Continued

The next day we were regaled with a tour of the Hagi Museum and later visited the homes and ateliers of Miwa Kazuhiko and Miwa Haneko.

Ceramic Sculptures by Miwa Kazuhiko at Hagi Museum

Kazuhiko-san gave us matcha in precious tea bowls made by his 101-year old (and still working) father, Miwa Kyusetsu XI, a Living National Treasure, and discussed the history of the Miwa ceramics dynasty, and how his family's tradition influences his very modern work. I can't tell you what a thrill it was to hold, drink from and examine a Kyusetsu tea bowl!

Miwa Family Garden and House

Miwa Kazuhiko with a Great Tea Bowl by His Father
Later the same day, we visited Miwa Haneko, a fine potter and the daughter of Miwa Ryosaku (now Kyusetsu XII), Kyusetsu XI's oldest son and a wildly avant-garde artist. Here we heard from a potter of another generation how the Miwa legacy lives on and inspires her very modern works.

Miwa Hanako, 13th Generation Miwa Potter
And we were still not done with Hagi . . .

Bobby Jay

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