Sunday, November 20, 2011

Japan Ceramics Tour - Hagi, then on to Karatsu

We completed our stay in Hagi with a visit to Hamanaka Gesson, a potter who, unlike Kaneta and the Miwa family, is from outside the area and therefore works in a different tradition. In fact, he works in many traditions (but only wood-fired), making mostly inspired vessels and plates for use in decorating one's home, food and life.

Ceramics of Hamanaka Gesson

Hamanaka's beautiful home reflects his exquisite, and quintessentially Japanese taste. It is shadowy and tranquil, with shoji screens permitting ever-changing natural light to play over his sophisticated ceramic objects.

Hamanaka Gesson's Home Outside Hagi
A highlight was that Hamanaka's wife and friend prepared an elaborate lunch for us, which we ate from Hamanaka's own plates. Beautiful food -- not kaiseki but not everyday by any means -- made even more beautiful by those plates.

Lunch at Hamanaka Gesson's Home

After lunch, we took a number of small conveyances - bus, subway (!), train, bus - to reach Karatsu, a pottery village in Kyushu.

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