Monday, November 21, 2011

Japan Ceramics Tour - Karatsu

Karatsu, in the North of Kyushu, is an old pottery town, and the leading ceramics clan is the Nakazato family, represented by the 12th generation Nakazato Takashi, his son Taki and his charming daughter Hanako, who spends half her time living and working in Maine. We visited all three Nakazatos, as well as Nakagawa Jinenbo and Hamamoto Hiroyoshi.

Nakazato Hanako and Her Bowls

Nakazato Takashi and Taki at Work and Their Beautiful Grounds

Nakazato Takashi Vessel
The added bonus was staying at the wonderful Yoyokaku Ryokan, one of the best in Japan. Wonderful food, especially breakfast (among the best I have ever eaten, anywhere), and lovely rooms facing on a fine garden, which includes a tea house and a dry stream. The service was truly excellent as well.

Bridge over Dry Stream in Yoyokaku's Garden

Beautiful Food Beautifully Served at Yoyokaku
While Karatsu is not exactly a destination, if you're somewhere nearby, Yoyokaku is definitely worth a visit.

Bobby Jay

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Thanks for the post, wonderful japanese design.
Here, a gallery in Paris, which has nice japanese art pieces:
Yakimono Japanese Ceramics