Monday, December 1, 2008

The World's Best Chef's Knives?

The November 24 New Yorker has an interesting article by Todd Oppenheimer on Bob Kramer's hand-made kitchen knives, which are apparently the best in the country, if not the world. The article may be found at A quick look at his web site confirms that Kramer is so back-logged that he's not taking orders. Let me know if you have used, or even seen, one of Kramer's knives.

Bobby Jay


Kay said...

Don't get excited. I read the article but haven't seen one of the knives.

What I want to know is what knife I should get to replace my aging Henckels that I've never been able to keep sharp, and more importantly, can you show me how to sharpen this new knife?

One-Knife Woman in 12H

Bobby Jay said...

Thanks, One-Knife Woman. Help is on the way. I am preparing a post on knives and sharpening, and will finalize it soon so as to respond to your questions. It will deal with new knives and also rejuvenating your Henckels.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to your words on knives--I love my Global--they replaced my French knives about 2 years ago

erik d said...

Hi bobbyjay
Just came across your site. I own and use 6 Kramer knives on a daily basis. (not the shun, but made by bob). They are perfect in every way. I can send pics if you want!
Erik D
Portland Maine

Bobby Jay said...

Thanks, erik d. Please do send pictures (to so I can share with others.

Also, please let us know what kinds of cooking you do most, and where you find the Kramer knives to make the most difference?