Saturday, December 6, 2008

Giant (14-inch) Fry Pan

I recently bought a Vollrath Tribute 14" frying pan, and I love it. It is stainless steel-clad aluminum, and heats quite evenly. This is great if you are browning beef, lamb or veal, or sauteing a whole chicken, and don't want to overcrowd the pan, or are preparing a lot of kale or other greens that otherwise spill all over your stove until they melt down. This line of pans comes with a soft insulating handle rated at 450 degrees, so it can go into the oven. And it's not that heavy despite its size, although a bit big for flipping.

Bobby Jay


Anonymous said...

i love your blog

Anonymous said...

but what about a copper pan from Dellherin (spelling terrible)--wouldn't that do the same--Is there a performacne difference, or weight differential?

Bobby Jay said...


I have never seen a copper fry pan of this size. If one were to find it, it would no doubt be extremely expensive. The 11.8-inch stainless lined copper fry pan is listed at 115 euros at Dehillerin, which, with tax, amounts to $180. A 14-inch one, if available, would probably be at least $100 more. I got my Vollrath for $100 over the internet.