Monday, December 22, 2008

Paris -- Granterroirs

In recent years, Paris has seen a proliferation of epicerie/restaurants, where customers lunch at large tables on foods that are also available for purchase. One of the best of these is Granterroirs, 30, rue Miromesnil, about a block and a half from the elegant rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré (and the Elysée Palace). The food is excellent, and every day features one or more plats du jour and an excellent dessert du jour (see the chalk board in the photo). Also salads and open sandwiches on toasted pain poilane featuring their fine foie gras, onion confit, smoked salmon, ham and other scrupulously selected ingredients. Excellent cassoulets and other preserved foods, jams, chocolates and liqueurs are also to be found, together with a selection of regional wines. I have recommended Granterroirs to many friends and the response has been 100% raves.

Bobby Jay


piglet said...

thank goodness you told me about the Landais--the open faced sandwich of excellent foie gras on poilane bread. it is sadly no longer on the menu but they made it specially for me (nice to have friends like you who know)
great ambiance and relaxing place to be--if you are dining alone they have very nice communal tables in the back--so you don't feel like an outcast--i was there two times and may try to go again before heading home to NYC

AndyG said...

Just had an excellent lunch here thanks to your recommendation. As an alternative to the Landais, I ordered the Assiette de Foie Gras which comes with onion and fig preserves, a mesculum salad and plenty of excellent toast so I made my own sandwich... a perfect DIY alternative. I could not resist the profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce for dessert and I suggest you don't either: light crispy profiteroles, excellent vanilla icecream and wonderful chocolate sauce. I skipped the coffee to save on calories!