Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rue Paul-Bert: An Interesting Food Street

A short Paris street that will be of interest to food lovers is rue Paul-Bert, in the 11th arrondissment, Metro Faidherbe-Chaligny. There are three well-known bistros, an Argentine steak restaurant and a bookstore specializing in food-related books.

Le Bistrot Paul-Bert, at Number 18, is a well-known, very traditional Paris bistro with high-quality products, well prepared.

Le Temps au Temps, at Number 13. The night we ate at Le Bistrot Paul-Bert, one of our friends literally pulled me across the street to this bistro. I recently visited it, and was lucky to get a seat at the tiny bar, since the tiny place books weeks in advance. I had a nice meal, especially the Lyonnais sausage starter. The place had recently changed ownership, but I found it very good and inviting; stay tuned.

L'Ecaillier du Bistrot, at Number 22, is a bistro attached to a poissonerie. I have not been there but it is highly regarded. Walking by it recently on my way to Le Temps au Temps, I resolved to go there next time I am in Paris.

L'Unico, at Number 15, is a Argentine, primarily steak, restaurant set in an old butcher shop with modern furnishings. It looked pretty unattractive when I walked by it, but it was full and subsequent research indicates that it is well-respected and definitely chic. Your move.

La Cocotte, Librairie de Gout, at Number 5 , is a gastronomic bookshop. When I told a friend how much seemed to be happening on this small street (see above), she said her friend has an interesting bookshop oriented to food on the same street. I couldn't get to it since it is closed Mondays and I was leaving Tuesday, but it's definitely on my list of places to check out. They sell small food items and also have cooking lessons. For more information, go to

A lot of gastronomy for a little street.

Bobby Jay

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