Friday, November 7, 2008

Great American Farm Cheese

As I prepare for a short trip to Paris, I have cheese on my mind. While France is still unparalleled in the quality and variety of its cheeses, a number of excellent cheesemakers have arisen in this country in the last couple of decades. I am not an authority, but have discovered one maker whose cheeses rival the best of France or anywhere: Cato Corner, from Colchester, Connecticut. I have been buying their cheeses at the Union Square Market for a couple of years and consider them to be world-class, particularly the cheddar, which is available only in the cold months and then only rarely, and has nothing to do with any cheddar I have ever tasted. Their cheeses are available at other locations and some restaurants, and also online, as noted in their website

A wonderful selection of artisanal American cheeses may be found at Saxelby's, in New York's Essex Market. Go to Links, at right, to link to Saxelby's.

Bobby Jay

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Ordinary Servant said...

Wow, I think I'm going to have to check out the Union Square Market.