Sunday, November 9, 2008

Chaussons aux Pommes

There is a charming article (including a recipe) in November's Bon Appetit about chaussons aux pommes by Molly Wizenburg. I have eaten them over the years and, frankly, never considered them to be in a league with croissants or pains au chocolat. However, I am on my way to Paris tonight and hope to try a chausson at one or more of the patisseries that she recommends; perhaps, like Molly, I will become a convert.

Bobby Jay

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Anonymous said...

I am also an aficionada of chaussons aux pommes. Even at excellent bakeries they're often disappointing. However, years ago a boulangerie near St Philippe du Roule called (I believe) Julien made a huge and delicious version. Also, the boulangerie at the corner of rue de la Pompe and rue de la Tour can, on a good day, turn out a very respectable chausson, with a light and delicate crust. Finally, check out the boulangerie on rue de Varenne across from the Italian cultural center--near rue du Bac. They currently have the best croissants, so maybe their chaussons are also good.