Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Paris -- Best Lemon Tart

A little known, but really excellent, patissier in Paris is La Petite Rose, located at 11, boulevard de Courcelles. It is run by a Japanese woman and all the people who work there are Japanese women who are perfectly bilingual (I don't know about English). The tarts are fantastic, particularly the individual lemon tart (pictured at left), which is the best I have ever tasted (and I have tasted them at the best-known patisseries in Paris).

The home-made chocolates are also superb, especially the mendiant noir (pictured at right, second from left in top row).

Since La Petite Rose is not so well-known and not located in a very fashionable neigborhood, their prices are about 30% lower than at the most famous patisseries: a screaming bargain.

Bobby Jay


Anonymous said...

Dear Bob Great idea -- why not cover culture as well as food -- food for the soul and the body!! Art and music mixed with food would be great. Good luck and best wishes for this LOVE Sarah B

Bobby Jay said...

Thank you, Sarah B. I will see how this develops. If this becomes a place for a group with wider interests, the focus could widen. I hope that any reader who would like to post an item of interest - on any subject - will email me at bobbyjay@bobbyjayonfood.com so I can post it on his or her behalf.

Bobby Jay

Ordinary Servant said...

I wish I was there... yummy!