Sunday, December 3, 2017

Japan 2017 -- Two Sumptuous Meals

Leaving the wonderful Shima Kanko hotel, we journeyed next to Yokkaichi, also in Mie Prefecture, to visit the wonderful ceramist, Uchida Kouichi. Uchida-san took us to a nearby restaurant, Koetsu, that he designed from top to bottom. The place was lovely, and our lunch quite spectacular.

Lunch at Koetsu with Uchida Kouichi
A few days later, we spent a night in downtown Yamaguchi at Kokian, a totally unexpected magnificent ryokan, with spectacular architectural elements, beautiful private outdoor baths and superb food. We never would have tried an in-town place but for the recommendation of Japan Tourist Bureaus's boutique division, which made the arrangements for the tour: JTB was right: this is a destination ryokan.

Kokian Ryokan
We had a beautiful and excellent dinner (and a fine Japanese breakfast, too - sorry, no pictures). The next to last item below, a sort of Western style fish chowder, was invented in honor of us foreigners: quite good (sorry for the bad photo but I thought it was worth including to recognize the effort).

Dinner at Kokian Ryokan in Yamaguchi
You never know where you'll find a great ryokan in Japan but when you do, the food nearly always is excellent.

Bobby Jay

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