Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Japan 2017 -- A Humble But Perfect Finale

Kitsune udon at Korian
Our Japanese ceramics tour ended with a visit to the great Kyushu artist, Tanaka Sajiro, who lives in the world's most picturesque compound perched on a mountaintop (see below), followed by lunch at a wonderful nearby noodle shop, Korian.

We had an innovative version of inari sushi, rice balls coated with okara, the grainy lees that are a byproduct of tofu making (usually aburaage -- see below -- is used for this),
Inari tofu at Korian
followed by noodles: I ordered my favorite kitsune udon (pictured above), made with aburaage, thin tofu that is fried, then blanched in boiling water to eliminate the grease. Delicious.
A humble -- but perfect -- ending to a tour filled with high-end gourmet adventures.

Bobby Jay

PS  I can't resist showing a few non-food related pictures of Tanaka-sensei's magnificent compound.

Tanaka Sajiro's compound and the artist himself

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