Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Paris -- A Spectacular Lunch at Le Cinq

While Joan and I seldom frequent three-star restaurants in Paris, we recently joined friends for lunch at Le Cinq, in the Hotel George V. It was truly spectacular, and a screaming bargain (really!) at 145 euros (about $160), tax and service included, for the four-course prix fixe (you can have six if you choose both of the either/or offerings).

The "basic" four courses that I had were:

perfect scallops in a dazzling presentation . . .

. . . caramelized onions, bursting with an amazing onion sauce shot into the middle of the pearl onions as well as the exterior sauce . . .

Caramelized onions with sauces inside and out
. . .  perfectly cooked venison with broccoli, rich wine sauce and a dollop of something creamy, and . . .

Noisette de chevreuil (venison)
. . . caramel dessert with perfect tuiles, candied fruit and shaved chocolate.

Caramel dessert
All were really terrific or better; the onion dish was an extraordinary experience.

The chocolate dessert that I didn't choose was pretty great, too.

Chocolate dessert
But the four courses are supplemented by amuse bouches, pre-amuse bouches, sorbet, pre-dessert and numerous post-desserts, all of which took us more than three hours to consume. Here are just a few:

Mussels with aioli and a tuile of unidentifed vegetable
A series of one-bite flavor bombs
Sorbet in a robe of milk skin
And all of this in a grand and beautiful room with impeccable service, formal but not snooty and perfectly anticipating one's every need (well, desire).

Bobby Jay

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What a wonderful experience! Susan