Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Paris -- Cooking for One

I love cooking for one in Paris, because the butchers, bakers and charcuteries offer stunning food that requires little, if any, help.

Tonight I had a simple but wonderful meal consisting of truffled boudin blanc (a very light pork sausage) which I simmered, skinned, split and broiled, with flageolets (lima beans) that I heated in the microwave in their original package for 4 minutes . . . 
Boudin blanc, flageolets
followed by a salad of bitter pissenlit (dandelion greens) with a mustardy vinaigrette made with walnut oil, together with a slice of perfect camembert and some toasted walnut bread from the renowned Poilâne bakery and demi-sel butter from Bordier (considered by many to be France's best) . . .
Pissenlit, camembert, toasted pain aux noix with beurre demi-sel Bordier
. . .  followed by a slice of cake (not gâteau) chocolat pistache from Miss Manon, a nearby bakery . . .
Cake chocolat pistache
. . . and eventually by coffee and, probably (still thinking about it) a nightcap of Vielle Prune.

Little effort, big taste! And not doable in New York.

Bobby Jay

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