Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Paris -- Holiday Food Windows

Maybe it's just me, but the Paris food windows this year-end seem a little less exciting than usual. In part because one of my favorites, Hediard, is closed for renovation.

Still, there were some nice things to see.

Bûches de Noël from Dalloyau . . .

Bûches de Noël at Dalloyau
. . . and from a good local patisserie, Miss Manon.

Bûches de Noël at Miss Manon
Macarons at Ladurée.

Ladurée macarons
A chocolate Thinker from Patrick Roger.

Rodin meets chocolatier Patrick Roger
Truffles at Maison de la Truffe.

Truffles at Maison de la Truffe
Caviar at Kaspia.

Caviar Kaspia
And assorted cakes at Fauchon.

Cakes at Fauchon
Paris is still a great place for holiday window-shopping.

Bobby Jay

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