Sunday, June 8, 2014

Paris - A Little Italian Restaurant's Detailed Rules

I was walking down a little street in the 4th arrondissement, near the Place de la Bastille, and came upon what looks like a cute Italian restaurant. Outside was this amazing sign, with the rules of the house.

The rules of Cucina Napoletana
Dear customers and friends, welcome to Cucina Napoletana. Our main courses are prepared to order. We therefore advise that you start with mixed appetizers (actually one for two persons). If you are a big party, we suggest that you don't multiply the number of entrees. This way you will avoid a long wait . . . (we only have 3 burners) as well as the wrath of the chef!!! Our menu varies according to what's in the market .  . and the moods of the chef. The familial spirit of our trattoria leads us to group together parties with odd numbers (for example 3/5/7=3+3=6!) [I think they're saying that two parties of 3 will share a table for 6.] Nothing like it for getting to know your neighbors!

The specials of the day are listed inside and the whole team is at your disposition to help you choose, according to your taste and what's available. Thank you for respecting the time of your reservation, and if you are late . . . . . We are sorry not to be able to accept credit cards . . . .
I was puzzled by this "welcome," but met an American couple outside who said it's very good. Worth a try, I guess, although I have generally been disappointed by Italian food in Paris. I look forward to meeting the scary chef and will do my utmost to avoid getting him angry.

Bobby Jay


Anonymous said...

Hello Bobby~ I don't have your email address so I am writing here to tell you how much I appreciate your Paris book! Thank you for sending it to me so promptly! Sunny

Bobby Jay said...

I'm glad you liked it, Sunny. You can reach me at

Amanda said...

I like "Cook Illustrated" a lot. I have all their books and used to subscribe to their magazine but I have found them to be bias sometimes and they don't always test all products like "consumer report" does. I do agree that All Clad is excellent. Particularly for cooking, we should always get the best. Heavy pots are good for my muscles so I don't mind at all.
(I don't always comment either but truly enjoy each post).