Friday, June 20, 2014

They're Stealing My New York Lunch Places

Two of my favorite New York lunch restaurants have recently disappeared without notice: Onya (very good freshly made Japanese udon) and Baoguette (bánh mì).

While there are other bánh mì places, none is very convenient for me and so far none has matched Baoguette. I'll have to keep trying. Or I can try to make them using one of the many recipes I have amassed, but it is most unlikely that my version of this great sandwich will turn out to be world class.

The udon situation seems worse. I am not aware of any substitutes. While ramen, which I love, is sweeping New York, the more subtle, healthier (no fat) udon has so far escaped notice.

Fortunately, Porchetta is still around. Although it is no substitute for the others, their roast pork sandwich is truly heavenly.

Bobby Jay


Amanda said...

I thought you might enjoy this on Facebook :

"Japanese knife imports".

Beautiful photos of a japanese knife artisan in Osaka. Francois Xavier is a swiss. I am not sure he posts anymore (except for Facebook) but great articles. If you are not on Facebook, you can just check out his bog :


Bobby Jay said...

Thanks for this link, Nadege. Sorry FX is no longer posting on his blog, which has some interesting posts.

I do love learning about artisans, like this knife maker, who are still doing things the way they have been done for centuries. One of the fascinations of Japan.