Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sour Cherries plus Ginger x 5

J and I both love sour cherries, which are having their short season in New York right now.

Last week I made a sour cherry clafoutis, violating protocol since the French generally use sweet cherries for this. Nevertheless, it was pretty wonderful, with that little bite that sour cherries provide.

And who doesn't like ginger? And why not pair it with sour cherries? Tonight I decided to max out on ginger with sour cherries and made a sundae consisting of (i) ginger ice cream, sour cherries cooked with (ii) ginger syrup and (iii) sliced fresh ginger, (iv) minced organic hot candied ginger, and (v) crushed ginger snaps. Ginger heaven!

Quantities are totally up to you. This would work with blueberries, peaches, roasted pineapples and many other fruits: let your imagination run wild.

Bobby Jay

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Anonymous said...

It'll turn your hair red