Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tokyo - Favorite Tempura

Before leaving Tokyo, we went to our favorite tempura restaurant, Yokota, which is Zagat listed and has a Michelin star.

Yokota's Master and Some Vegetable Tempura -- Note Absence of Grease

Yokota's tempura is covered in a heavenly, light batter and fried in an enormous pot of sesame oil, which burns very hot and (surprisingly to me) does not impart any taste. By frying very few things at a time, the temperature of the oil stays nearly constant, delivering tempura with not a hint of greasiness. The chef advises (some say orders) diners to dip the tempura into his unique curry/salt mix, ordinary salt or lemon juice and salt. His advice is usually correct, but it is okay to vary the seasoning. What is really great about Yokota is the dialogue with the chef, a master craftsman who obviously takes enormous pride in his work.

The remainder of our gastronomic highlights were primarily in the more haute cuisine arena, but more of that in other posts.

Bobby Jay

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Anonymous said...

I was there with you & completely agree with your review of Yokota, Bob-san. Thanks for introducing the place! Ted