Sunday, November 15, 2009

Japan - Kanazawa

One of the most enjoyable stops on our Japan tour was at Kanazawa, a beautiful city famous for its food (it seems every city in Japan is famous for its food). There the fine ceramist, Nakamura Takuo, in addition to showing us his contemporary take on Kutani-glazed ceramics, acted as our guide to the old part of the city and then as our host for a delicious meal prepared by his wife and served on his plates. pictures of work and lunch The food was excellent, and eating it off the artist's own plates definitely enhanced the experience. One of the exciting things about Japan is the way traditions persist in parallel with modernity, and the seasonality of the food and serving vessels is tangible evidence of this.

Nakamura Takuo Vase
Lunch Served on Nakamura Takuo's Plates

Bobby Jay

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