Friday, April 17, 2009

Chocolate II

Based on comments to my earlier post "Chocolate," most of which have been oral, I need to update it.

Walking by the Jacques Torres store on Amsterdam between 73rd and 74th, I felt compelled to go in and give it a try. I bought two bars, "Dangerously Dark," a plain 72% chocolate and "The Wicked Bar," dark chocolate with notes of ancho and chipotle chilies. The Dangerously Dark is very good indeed, the other less successful once the novelty wears off. A friend who is a good cook and serious about chocolate says that Jacques Torres' cooking chocolate is "hands down" the best available. I will certainly try this soon.

At the recommendation of two chocolate aficionados, I tried a bar of Pierre Marcolini's 72% Pure Origin Venezuela chocolate, and I must admit it is great. However, it is stupefyingly expensive: an 80g bar costs $11.00 plus tax! More than three times the cost of a 100g bar of Lindt. At these prices, it is easy to limit yourself to one ($1.30) square after dinner, so perhaps that's a good thing.

Bobby Jay

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Suzy H said...

By chocolate aficionados, I will assume that you were speaking of both Paul and yours truly. We don't recall the chocolates being as expensive in your hometown of Paris, but perhaps that's just delusional imaginings on our part.

Also, since Marcolini > Lindt, we don't mind paying the premium. Must savor each bite as if it were your last.