Saturday, October 11, 2008

First Posting

This is the first posting on my newly created blog, bobbyjayonfood. Many of my friends have encouraged me to share my thoughts and experiences relating to cooking, eating, restaurants, food products and ingredients, kitchen equipment and other matters relating to cuisine. I hope this will be of use to others and perhaps even to myself by creating a central place to organize my otherwise random thoughts and ideas.

I do not plan to offer reviews of New York restaurants; there are already enough reviewers and points of view. I will, however, discuss things that I discover at restaurants that may be of interest to others. I will offer brief reviews of selected Paris restaurants, as I am often asked for suggestions by people planning trips to that marvelous and beautiful city. In particular, I will report from time to time on my ongoing quest for excellent, reasonably-priced restaurants in Paris; fortunately, there are many.

Please comment liberally on any of my posts or on others' comments, or share your own ideas, discoveries and recipes in new posts. Let's all learn together!

Bobby Jay