Friday, November 30, 2018

Thanksgiving 2018

Bourbon caramel pumpkin tart
If it ain't broken . . .

Although the guest list was a bit different, I decided to stick with the 2017 menu for our 2018 Thanksgiving, with exceptions in the dessert category. To see a full post on last year's feast, click here.

As usual, Joan prepared a gorgeous table.

Passover table awaiting guests and feast
Here's what I served (and cooked except for the truly delicious salted chocolate pretzel cake):

Thanksgiving Dinner
 November 22, 2018
  • Slow poached garlic shrimp (from Tyler Florence's Ultimate TV show)
  • Mustard and tapenade batons (from Dorie Greenspan, Around My French Table)
  • Whipped feta with home made pita chips (from Milk Street)
  • Tuna and cannellini bean crostini (Bobby Jay)
  • Bar nuts (from The Union Square Cookbook)
  • Turkey with chicken sausage and sage stuffing, gravy (from Cook's Illustrated for Turkey, The Food Lab for stuffing and gravy)
  • Cranberry mostarda (from Food and Wine)
  • Sweet potato gratin with sage (from Ottolenghi: The Cookbook)
  • Hashed Brussels sprouts with poppy seeds and lemon (from The Union Square Cookbook)
  • Bourbon caramel pumpkin tart (from Fine Cooking)
  • Coconut, almond and blueberry cake (from Ottolenghi Sweet)
  • Salted chocolate pretzel cake (from Momofuku's  Milk Bar bakery, furnished by my niece's boyfriend)
And here's what some of it looked like:

Shrimp with toasted garlic
Salmon and smoked salmon rillettes
Hashed Brussels sprouts
Chicken sausage and sage stuffing
Broken down turkey in the style of Julia Child
Even though it ain't broken, I plan to change a lot of the meal next year. Change, not for its own sake, but to keep me challenged and enjoying the process.

Bobby Jay

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