Monday, May 11, 2015

Paris - Non-French Omelet for Dinner

The other day I was not very hungry for dinner so I decided to use up a couple of the beautiful eggs (bright orange yolks!) I had bought, together with some leftover brie and herbs.

I recalled seeing a video in which some chef (a friend of Jamie Oliver's, I think) made an unconventional omelet by beating the eggs until they were almost the texture of pancake batter, rather than going for the thin, elegant but tricky to prepare French-style omelet best shown in Julia Childs' classic TV episode.  I looked for the new video on line but couldn't find it, so I just . . .

. . . beat the hell out of the eggs,

Eggs beaten to thickness of pancake batter
cooked them in a little butter until they began to separate from the pan (and have little steam holes like a pancake (look closely at the photo),

Omelet nearly ready to stuff and fold
sprinkled little bits of brie atop, with chopped chives and dill (sorry, forgot to take a picture of this step), then folded and served with more chives and dill and toasted slices of French baguette.

Voila! Non-French omelet in Paris
Tasted pretty great!

Bobby Jay

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Marcia said...

Thanks for linking to the Julia Child episode. It made me happy to see her load so much butter into a non-stick pan!!