Thursday, May 7, 2015

Paris in May - The Start of Produce Season

I am making a brief trip to Paris to attend the meeting of coproprietors of our building. We are new in the building, and the neighbors encouraged me to attend, so I did. Quite different from our New York coop's meetings, this one involved a lot of discussion rather than just votes on matters mostly decided by the board.

But today is Thursday and that means that the huge Bastille market is open. Although the Thursday market is a shadow of its Sunday self, it was still great to see beautiful produce from the beginning of the French growing season. Some nice peonies at the florist . . .

Peonies at the Bastille market
. . . and gorgeous fresh garlic everywhere (I am still not sure how to use it, but it's mellower than the dried that we always see).
Fresh garlic at the Bastille market
I bought some asparagus and strawberries from a great Picardy producer, and produced a vegetarian lunch for myself, including a slice of rhubarb tart from an excellent boulangerie/pâtisserie. Steamed the asparagus and then sauteed them butter (this is France, after all!), and topped the strawberries with yogurt (more virtuous here) and saffron syrup.

Early asparagus from the Bastille market - before
Early asparagus from the Bastille market - steamed and sauteed in butter

Strawberries from the Bastille market - before
Strawberries - with yogurt and saffron syrup
Rhubarb tart from Maison Hilaire
Appetite suitably whetted for our longer stay in June-July.

Bobby Jay


Amanda said...

What a delicious vegan meal for one! Much easier to make the asparagus this way than the video I sent you having to use a sous-chef basting les asperges.

Bobby Jay said...

Yes, but I am tempted to try Passard's method. Russ Parsons did it recently with something less than perfect results. I
f I do try, it will most likely be in France, where spectacular asparagus are abundant.