Thursday, August 25, 2011

The CSA Farm is Winning

My friend Piglet and I share a food share in Roxbury Farm, a CSA (community supported agriculture) farm in Kinderhook, NY. A full share costs about $500, payable before the season starts, and entitles us to 26 food drops at a church in New York City, starting in June. Fruit shares are extra.

It feels good to support our wonderful farmers, Jean-Paul Courtens and Jody Bolluyt, and their dedicated team, and to buy responsibly produced organic produce.  I enjoy reading their weekly newsletters describing the challenges and successes in coping with weather, insects, birds and the other facts of farm life.  Often the letters are quite inspiring.

It's also fun to get the food drops: you never know exactly what to expect for a given week, and it takes some ingenuity to use the entire basket, especially when some less than standard vegetables, like kale, collard greens and kabocha squash, are featured. Especially in mid-summer, the baskets are huge and this year the farm is clearly winning.

Pictured is this week's basket, fairly typical for this time of year.

Bobby Jay

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