Friday, April 9, 2010

Clotilde Again - Yogurt Cake

I made Clotilde's yogurt cake last weekend, and have been having fun with it ever since.

This is an easy and light but deliciously moist cake. Clotilde says it can be consumed plain, and Elizabeth Bard, author of Lunch in Paris, agrees, but my wife didn't and I, too, thought it needed something. And both Clotilde and Elizabeth offer suggestions to enhance the cake. I didn't follow their specific suggestions, but the point is that this is an excellent base that can be turned into something special.

So, I toasted it for breakfast: delicious. And I cut it into two layers and added seedless raspberry jam as a filling: I think I underdid it but a definite improvement. Finally, I cut it into two layers, soaked them on the inside with Limoncello, then reassembled after filling with unsweetened Greek style yogurt and topped with a lightly cooked blackberry sauce and a little grated lemon zest: a satisfying and reasonably light dessert.

This cake is definitely worth adding to the repertoire, but expect to dress it up a bit.

Bobby Jay

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