Saturday, August 15, 2009

Excellent Barbecue . . . and All That Jazz

As a counterpoint to the great meals described in my last post, my wife and I went to the Jazz Standard tonight for great jazz (Steve Kuhn, Steve Swallow and Al Foster) and good eats. Usually, the food at jazz clubs is to be avoided unless necessary to satisfy a minimum charge. The Jazz Standard is different: there is a music charge but no minimum, probably because the drinks are good and the food is better than good.

The Jazz Standard is downstairs from Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke, with which it shares a kitchen. Ribs come in all varieties - smoked Memphis baby backs, Kansas City-style spare ribs and Texas-style salt and pepper beef beef ribs. There is a really smoky smoked chicken, fine burgers and excellent (so I'm told) macaroni and cheese. The home-made potato chips are totally addictive and the smoked buffalo wings are almost as good. Tonight my wife actually had a very healthful veggie burger tonight -- not something you'd dare to try at most jazz clubs -- and it was not bad at all.

Of course a jazz club is only as good as the music, and the Jazz Standard is first-rate. Check it out at

Bobby Jay

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