Thursday, October 13, 2022

Le Pavillon, Another Daniel Boulud Success

We have recently dined at Daniel Boulud's new restaurant, le Pavillon, which is in 1 Vanderbilt, first for our 47th anniversary and then to celebrated Joan's and a friend's birthdays. Two great meals.

The menu is unusually inviting. We found it very difficult to choose among the five or so offerings in each category (hot starters, cold starters, sea entrees and land entrees), although the dessert selection was a bit more normal.

Every dish that I have had has been beautiful and delicious, from the black bass to the poached lobster in bourride, the raw hamachi and the celebratory desserts, all of which are pictured below.

Black bass

Raw hamachi
Poached lobster in bourride

Celebratory desserts
Cheese plate

The space is also very well done. While the restaurant is located in a very tall atrium, clever floating ceilings and the use of impressive plantings make the space inviting and even intimate. 

Daniel Boulud is a great chef but, more unusually, a great restauranteur.  His places are all different and most are among our go-to restaurants, from Daniel (special occasions only), to Cafe Boulud, Bar Boulud and Boulud Sud, and now le Pavillon.

I can't recommend le Pavillon highly enough.

Bobby Jay

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