Monday, November 18, 2019

Japan 2019 - 1 Ramen

Joan and I spent three weeks in Japan in October, by ourselves at the beginning and end, and leading a group of ceramic lovers through several areas of typhoon-ravaged countryside. As always, the food was exciting and memorable, and this will be the subject of numerous posts, beginning with this one.

Before the tour began, we ate with friends at old Tokyo haunts, having wonderful tempura and yakitori. But on one day when Joan had to work preparing for the Japanese launch of her book, The Allure of Japanese Contemporary Ceramics, she spent the afternoon at the hotel, while I went out and about. But we both had ramen. Mine were my favorite spicy tan tan men, at Hashigo,

Tan tan men at Hashigo
while Joan's were elegantly prepared noodles from Ippudo, served via the hotel's room service.

Ippudo ramen at Peninsula Hotel
Two very different takes on ramen, both delicious.

Speaking of noodles, we ended our trip in Kyoto, where we were able to eat at our favorite soba shop, Omen. Although I didn't get any noodle shots, here is the elegant starting vegetable plate:

Vegetable plate at Omen in Kyoto
Japan is not all about elaborate kaiseki meals (although subsequent posts will be replete with photos of these). And nothing beats great noodles.

Bobby Jay

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