Monday, November 9, 2015

Japan 2015 - Eating with Ceramic Artists 2: A Spectacular Meal at Kishimoto Kennin's Home

The ceramic artist Kishimoto Kennin is justly famous for his wood-fired iga-style wares (see image at right),  but also produces shino glazed and celadon vessels.

He and his wife are right out of potter central casting, as is his wonderful home.

Our group arriving at the home of Kishimoto Kennin
More relevant to a food blog, Mrs. Kishimoto is a fabulous cook, and served us a memorable meal. Upon entering the dining area, we were greeted by a fire above which flattened rice cakes (onigiri) were grilling and around which fish were broiling, and a large cauldron bubbling with a hearty vegetable soup.

Fish, onigiri and soup over and around the fire - before
These ingredients were transformed during the meal before our eyes.

Fish, onigiri and soup over and around the fire - after
Adding greens to the steaming vegetable soup
When served on the master's plates and bowls, they provided one of the most memorable meals of our tour.

Grilled rice ball (yaki-onigiri)
Grilled fish, vegetable and medium boiled egg
Mrs. Kishimoto's vegetable soup with homemade yuzukoshō and scallions
This fabulous vegetable soup was enhanced by Mrs. Kishimoto's homemade yuzukoshō, a condiment made by mashing up and fermenting hot peppers, salt and peels of yuzu, a small Japanese citrus with an indescribable taste. I was in such ecstasy that she invited me to return to her home next September for her annual yuzukoshō production time. I am seriously considering it.

Bobby Jay