Monday, March 23, 2015

The RG Sandwich -- Homemade Rye, Smoked Ricotta, etc.

Recently I gave my neighbor RG, who was house-bound after an operation, a container of Salvatore's smoked ricotta, a wonderful product that I have written about before, and a loaf of natural levain country rye bread that I made, courtesy of Chad Robertson's iconic Tartine Bread.

An RG sandwich: homemade country rye, smoked ricotta, smoked salmon, etc.
Starting with these ingredients, RG created a beautiful open-faced sandwich, which I have more or less duplicated myself:

1. Spread a generous amount of smoked ricotta on a slice of homemade country rye bread (RG uses Rubschlager Rye-Ola Black Rye if, as is usually the case, homemade rye bread is not available).

2. Add a generous amount of best quality olive oil (RG uses Castellina in Chianti, I used Sicilian that I buy at Eataly).

3. Add a few thin slices of Bermuda onion (I used red onion).
4. Add a slice of smoked Scottish salmon. (I added a grind of black pepper to finish.)

5. Voilà!

This is one fine sandwich: creative use of great ingredients. Thanks, RG.

Bobby Jay

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