Monday, March 17, 2014

Food in Black & White

As part of Asia Week New York, J is having a fabulous exhibition at her gallery, entitled "Japan in Black & White."

So I made some black and white food items for the opening party and to have around for customers coming to the gallery to enjoy the exhibition.

I made a black bean cumin dip, to be eaten with white corn chips, and a Tuscan white bean dip, to be eaten with blue (nearly black) corn chips.

For desserts, about 150 of my favorite very dark chocolate "World Peace" cookies, invented by Dorie Greenspan . . .

. . . and white macarons with dark chocolate ganache from Pierre Hermé's recipe.

Later in the week, we had some Japanese ceramics collectors for dinner and I followed through on the theme, with some tapenade and mustard palmiers . . .

. . . and cauliflower soup (with a few drops of hazelnut oil) served in black bowls made by the talented  Hanako Nakazato.

A nice inspiration.

Bobby Jay

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