Thursday, June 27, 2013

Paris - New Discovery: Neva Cuisine

J and I tried a new restaurant, Cuisine Neva, which has two cocottes from Le Lebey des Bistrots 2013 and a plate from Pudlo Paris 2013. That, plus the fact that it is about seven minutes away by bus, was motivation enough to give it a try.

Neva Cuisine's chef is a Mexican woman who has trained with some of France's best, and it shows. Her (French) husband works in the front. The food is sophisticated, imaginative, tasty and well-presented. The 3-course menu at 39 euros (32 euros for two courses) is a real deal for this level of food.

I had a truly extraordinary pea soup, thick and rich due to the peas, not the small amount of cream included, with perfectly cooked whole fresh peas. J had the déclinaison de tomates with Spanish ham. It was memorable even though they had just run out of the mozzarella foam that normally completes the dish (and looked great at our neighbors' table). We then shared a veal chop, which was perfectly cooked and carved into interesting pieces and served with baby potatoes. For dessert I could not resist the sphere of chocolate that is filled with confited pineapple and chocolate and then destroyed in front of you by adding hot chocolate sauce (see picture below). Pretty spectacular. J had the pastry tube filled with red fruits and yogurt ice cream (also pictured below): not as sinful or impressive but just fine.

La sphère destructurée au chocolat Samana pur origine
La cerise - tube crousillant, glace yaourt, fruits rouges
Neva Cuisine is in a not very chic part of the 8th, although it is not difficult to get to. Definitely worth a visit.

Neva Cuisine, 2 rue de Berne, Paris 8ème, Métro Liège, Rome or Europe.

Bobby Jay

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Amanda said...

It is 4.20 am here in Los Angeles and I am starving. The food looks really delicious.