Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rue Aligre and Marché Beauvau

I have been meaning to get to the covered Marché Beauvau and rue Aligre open air market for some time, and finally made it this week.

They are in the 12th arrondissment, about a 10 minute walk past the Bastille. The covered market has a small number of what appear to be high-quality vendors, mostly charcutiers and butchers (I especially liked the lady selling, among other things, olive oil in bulk). The open air market consists of about 25 or 30 vendors, mostly selling vegetables and fruit. On the south side of the place Aligre, the market is a bustling non-food market.

Suckling pig at Marché Beauvau
Vegetable Dealer on rue Aligre
Olive oil in bulk at Marché Beauvau
Italian charcuterie at Marché Beauvau

The market street is open Tuesday and Saturday mornings. I went on a Tuesday, and enjoyed it quite a bit. This is a great time of year to enjoy the variety of French agriculture at its best: tomatoes, many varieties of squash, greens of all kinds, of course, but also grapes, plums, peaches, even berries, all coming from various parts of France.

Although the covered market is small, it is well-preserved and typical, not of what is but of what used to be. Altogether, a nice visit.

Bobby Jay

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