Sunday, April 29, 2012

Homemade Yogurt -- Worth the Bother

 Homemade Greek-style yogurt with strawberry-habanero jam

Inspired by an April 2012 primer by Megan O. Steintrager on, I recently made several batches of homemade yogurt.  Without specialized equipment (apart from a good thermos), I was able to turn out yogurt that tasted the way it did when I was a kid (and didn't like it): really really tangy.

I started, as recommended, by making a batch of whole-milk yogurt with pasteurized (not ultra) organic milk.  The taste was great but it was too liquid to be very useful.  Next I made a batch of Greek-style yogurt from the same milk, and it came out beautifully creamy with the same wonderful tang.  The Greek-style variation involves straining the milk through a cheese-cloth lined colander overnight in the refrigerator. (For a somewhat more liquid version, stop the straining after one hour.)

Emboldened by my earlier success, I made a batch of Greek-style using 2% organic pasteurized milk.  Perfect texture, although the taste (not surprisingly) was less creamy than for the whole milk version; still, it's a good compromise.

I am not swearing off Greek-Style yogurt from the supermarket (my favorite is Fage), which is very good and comes ready-made.  However, if I have the small amount of time it takes to make it, I plan to keep a supply of homemade yogurt on hand.

Bobby Jay

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