Wednesday, October 19, 2011

En Passant (3) . . .

From time to time, ideas cross my mind, often in response to questions from friends, that are worth writing about, but do not individually merit full posts. This is the third post in a series devoted to such matters. 

Midnight in Paris 

Heading for Paris? If you saw Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, you will want to get the Midnight in Paris App for your iPhone or iPad. For 99 cents, this little app identifies and places most of the scenes from the movie, reminds you of their context in the film and gives interesting historical or cultural background information. You'll find the app at the App Store by searching for "Movie Lover's Paris" or "Midnight in Paris." 

Work Bowls 

I have started using these Bormioli Rocco Italian workbowls . . . 

. . . instead of my old favorites by Luminarc from France

Both types are heat resistant and stackable, but I prefer the more sharply sloped sides and the smaller bottom of the Bormioli bowl; it seems to me that it's slightly easier to mix things, whether by spoon or by whisk, in these bowls. Also, they have a lip that makes them a little easier to handle than the Luminarcs. They're available at Zabar's and elsewhere and are quite inexpensive.

Bobby Jay

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