Saturday, July 30, 2011

New York: Mid-Summer Abundance

In preparation for an all-local dinner - well, almost; you really can't find local mozzarella di bufalo, anchovies, baking powder and soda or tapioca - I made a trip to the Union Square Greenmarket today. The Saturday market is always best, but we are now in high summer and it was the best ever: sweet corn (my favorite food), heirloom tomatoes, sugar plums (my wife's favorite food), apricots, greens and herbs, and even a leg of lamb. Truly overwhelming.

Here are just a few images.

Carrots and more carrots

Radishes and onions

Eggplant and fancy radishes

Basil plants and flowers

Bobby Jay

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Toyin O. said...

wow, everything looks good, thanks for sharing.