Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amazingly Good Whole-Wheat Pasta

I read about Bionaturae's organic pasta in Cook's Illustrated, which did a test of whole-wheat pastas. Bionaturae was the winner despite (or because of) the fact that it is 100% whole wheat. Nearly all the others use a combination of whole wheat and ordinary flour or other grains. (Heartland's Perfect Balance scored higher on taste, but Bionaturae won on texture and because it is 100% whole wheat, as opposed to Heartland's 21%.)

My wife and I tried it this week with a fennel and sausage sauce (using Italian style chicken sausage, mild and hot mixed together, to keep the dish healthful), and the results were striking. While it has some whole wheaty characteristics, it is really more like plain, only more so. Just delicious pasta that happens to be better for you. It's available on line if you have trouble finding it.

Bobby Jay


piglet said...

Where did you find the pasta? I am always anxious to try a healthier alternative!

Bobby Jay said...

I should have said that I found Bionaturae pasta at Fairway, in the main part of the upstairs organic market, not in the gluten-free section.

If you can't find it where you live, search the internet: it's easily available, including through Amazon.