Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Perfect Risotto

Last night my wife and I went to Elio's, an excellent and very popular East-Side Italian restaurant, for the millionth time. We have been going to Elio's since shortly after it opened, in the 70s. The food is consistent and they make the best renditions available of some classics, such as Chicken Scarpariello and Paillard of Veal. Last night I ordered the Porcini Porcini Secchi (dried porcini) and it was not just good, it was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! Great texture, taste and seasoning combined to make this one of the great dishes -- seemingly so simple when it works. While I don't generally review New York restaurants, it is worth recognizing perfection whenever you find it.

Elio's is located at 1621 Second Ave. (nr. 84th)Tel: (212) 772-2242


Bobby Jay

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